Sequoyah Burke-Combs, Player, Seattle Saracens, and Seattle Seawolves, says: 

As someone who came to Seattle four years ago, with my only solid plan in place being to play rugby, I was quite taken aback when I realized how competitive the job market was. Luckily, I came here to play with the Seattle Saracens and was immediately given various opportunities of employment through teammates, many of whom hardly knew me personally but only know that I was a teammate who needed help and that they’d help however they could. I quickly found work with a great group of guys who’d also been helped through rugby and from there I found another job connection through rugby and all the while I was still able to play. Rugby is built on a community of people willing to give and help all those involved inside and outside of its community. Whether it's doing a local charity, picking up trash after a game, letting someone stay at their house who’s down on their luck or finding work for someone who desperately needs it rugby is a place where the desire to help and grow is always there. I can confidently say I wouldn’t have been able to succeed and improve myself if it wasn’t for the helping hand of the rugby community in Seattle and the lessons that have been instilled on me through them.


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