• The Mission Continues - Empowering Veterans

    23rd March, 2017
    News Detial

    Stephen Kenny, (center of photo flanked by Eric Stacy and Kevin Flynn), has been with the Seattle Saracens as a player/manager since the fall of 2014. He served in the United States Marine Corps from 2003-2008 and completed three tours with India Company 3/1. Stephen recently applied and was accepted to serve a fellowship with the Saracens through a veteran support organization called The Mission Continues.

    The Mission Continues empowers veterans to make lasting impacts on their respective communities by providing tools and inspiration for direct action projects, like giving a local school a much needed face lift or building a planter bench for students to tend.   Stephen's goal is to build a pathway to rugby, between the club and active duty military/veterans . The Seattle area has a plethora of military bases and a large and very active veteran community.  

    Stephen chose to apply for the fellowship because he says, "The Mission Continues to me is all about serving others and through that passion bettering yourself. This parallels the rugby community in that everyone respects their teammates and opponents and takes pride in assisting each other in the process of getting better. With rugby you will often find that you get out of it what you put into it. I feel similarly about this fellowship opportunity.  I am excited to be granted the chance to create an introduction and welcome veterans and active duty into the rugby family."

    For more information about our veteran support program click here

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