Seattle Saracens Photography Guidelines


The Seattle Saracens welcomes photographers to take photos during games.

Should you wish your images to be used and promoted on the official Seattle Saracens Rugby Club, (The Club), website and social media, please take note of the following:


The most prominent factor in determining photography guidelines is safety.  Another highly-significant factor is the continuity of the game/competition itself without interruption or distraction.  There are also issues of privacy, event management and others which are all considered when guidelines are established.

Game/Club/Match officials have the discretion to ask a photographer to change his vantage point if the official feels the players’ ability to play without distraction is being jeopardized by the photographer’s location or their camera flash.  The players’ comfort/performance should never be compromised. For safety reasons, tripods should not be kept near the playing field at any time.  Photographers should always respect the view of those who may be behind them.

Photographers are requested to remain at least 6 feet from the side/touch lines and end lines at all times, and are generally restricted from the team bench areas unless otherwise indicated.  Generally, flash photography should always be avoided before penalty, goal, drop or free kicks.  In general, anytime the outcome of an event or the concentration of an athlete can be altered by flash -- it should not be used.

Image Submission

Please contact Club Vice President Fraser Brumell for instructions at:


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