Player Detail

Player Profile

  • Name :

    Carmen Rivera

  • Position :


  • Date of Birth :

    24th May, 1989

  • Height :

    5' 3"

  • Weight :

    135 lbs

  • Home Town :

    Seattle, WA

About Carmen

41 Saracens appearances


Player biography :

I began playing rugby my junior year at Seattle University and fell in love with the intensity of the sport. After college, I got my first taste of 7's with the Seattle Breakers. When I moved to England to attend graduate school at the University of Liverpool, I continued playing rugby and got a another view of the game. When I returned to Seattle, I continued playing for the Seattle Breakers and now the Seattle Saracens. My best rookie memory occurred during my first away game at ORSU where I played flanker for the first time! It was amazing to go from winger to flanker and see how it changes your perspective of the game on the field. I am really proud of how I have grown as a player and how much I have improved in the past 2 years alone.

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